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LGB 41911 Campbell’s Soup Boxcar


LGB 41911 Campbell’s Soup Boxcar

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LGB 41911 Campbell’s Soup Boxcar

Special catalog 1992 Vonld not widely cataloged: 4s boxcar “Campbell’s Soup”.

Prototype: “Campbell’s Soup” 4-axle boxcar.  Car body in a replica metal construction, sliding door to open.  DF 6 roof, silver-colored, black catwalk.  Ladders on the long side and front side as well as hand brake wheel on the front side of the car.  End faces red.  Carriage body red and black dividing line. Illustration ‘2 children with white speech bubble’ with Mint Mm! / Good! “.  Disc wheels.  RRP DM Length: 460 mm Catalog 1993/94: p. 173 Edition o.G.: 2,000

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